Field of Activity

UV raw materials
Supplier of raw material & final for UV cure system
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Raw material of paint
Supplier of various pigments & additives for production of liquid paints and powder coating
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Raw material of construction
Supplier of professional use raw material for construction
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water repellent
Supplier of water repellent materials based on fluorine, silicone,.. with application in construction, texture, glass
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Raw material for printing ink
Supplier of different kind of resin, pigment & additives for printing industry
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Raw material of plastic
Supplier of various pigment & professional additives for production of master batch & compound.
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Supplier of various solvent based resins and high performance water based polymers with modern technologies for different industries
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Raw material of adhesive
Supplier of various raw material & finish product for pressure sensitive adhesive, solvent based adhesive & hot melt
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Raw material of glass wool & rock wool
Supplier of various silicone additives to improve properties of glass wool and rock wool
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Hotmelt adhesive

Kimya ExirArisa

  • Kimya Exir Arisa at a glance

    Kimya Exir Arisa is a trading company established by a group of professional experts in field of chemical in 2012. From the beginning, Kimya Exir Arisa tries to give the greatest services to different industrial and manufacturing sections in field of paint, resin, printing ink, adhesive, plastic and construction.

    Our trading partners now include some of the largest business houses in the world from Europe to Far East. The first priority of Kimya Exir Arisa in selecting international partners is to represent comprehensive services to customers.

    Kimya Exir Arisa as a bridge between customers and manufacturers tries to give professional solutions for reaching high quality raw material.

  • Field of activity

    Our core business is concentrated in the import of chemicals and industrial raw materials for paints, polymers and chemical fields. In the R&D department of Kimya exir arisa, key requirements of Iranian market are identified. Then, application and method of usage of materials in the world and Iranian market are investigated precisely.

    In the next step, the status and potential of internal market for identified materials are analyzed thoroughly. After all, if the necessity of mentioned material is well recognized for the market, recommendation for supplying the material is given to commercial departments. The interesting point is that Kimya exir arisa mainly focus on the fields or materials that do not have not suitable manufacturing conditions in Iran.

    In fact, general or routine items that are producing with high quality in Iran, are not involved to our business. In this way, we can support national manufacturing section.

  • Vision and Mission

    The main purpose of Kimya exir arisa is to represent technical commercial services at the highest level to the customers. With this approach, following aims and missions are pointed in kimya exir arisa:

    • Consolidating our position in Iranian market by adding value to products.
    • Providing constructive advice and free technical support to the customers with more appropriate quality and shorter time.
    • Finding alternative products and sources for customers.
    • Selection of the best global suppliers.
    • Suggesting special products for new and innovative productions.
    • Employment of professional human resource.


Mohammad Reza Rajabi

Chairman of the Board

Mina Daryaei

Managing Director

Contact us

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  • Unit 4, No 25, Second Alley, Shah Nazari St, Madar Square, Mirdamad boulevard, Tehran, Iran
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